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What causes neck pain?

One of the most common causes of neck pain is a pinched nerve, which happens when the vertebrae in the neck shift out of alignment and push down directly onto the nerves. When this happens, it can cause pain to develop in the neck that can radiate into the head, shoulders, and arms. Misalignment can occur because of:

  • Awkward sleeping positions.

  • Poor posture.

  • Text Neck.

  • Forward Head Syndrome.

  • Having your neck forced past its normal range of motion.

  • Whiplash

Can neck pain can be prevented?

Patients can avoid the common causes of neck pain with a few simple adjustments. These include:

  • Maintaining proper posture while sitting or standing

  • Getting up and stretching/moving around frequently

  • Keeping your computer monitor eye-level

  • Sleeping on your side or your back

  • Getting regular exercise to maintain flexibility

  • Using a firm pillow

  • When on a call, use a headset or speakerphone

Using relaxation exercises, neck exercises, and maintaining a healthy body weight are also proven techniques for preventing neck pain.

How does The Wellness Studio help neck pain?

Dr. Curtis specializes in maintaining the health of the muscular and skeletal systems. He also cares about his patients, and as such, uses the most advanced techniques in all his treatments. He has years of training, expertise, and experience in detecting and correcting conditions related to, or originating from, the spine including neck pain. 

Dr. Curtis’s treatments focus on restoring balance, maintaining complete spinal alignment, and removing pinched nerves from the neck and upper back through spinal adjustments. Dr. Curtis’s neck treatments can even prevent future injuries and help achieve total health and wellness. Neck pain is a nuisance that patients don’t need to just accept. Paying a visit to Dr. Curtis won’t just alleviate your pain, but resolve its root causes. Interested patients can schedule their next appointment by phone or online.