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I became a chiropractor after an auto accident left me with crushing headaches and neck pain. It was so bad that prescription pain and muscle-relaxing medications were ineffective. On a referral from a friend, I decided to go to a chiropractor.


I was amazed when the doctor explained to me that the accident caused a misalignment to my spine, and how chiropractic care could correct the problem. Within a few days of treatment, the blinding headaches were gone. Not only that, but after a few weeks the asthma that I had suffered from since childhood had almost disappeared. When I later asked the doctor how this could be possible, he explained to me that the nervous system controls every part of the body. He once again showed me the misalignments in my spine and pointed out the nerves going to the lungs. I suddenly realized that the body can heal itself when there is no interference to the nervous system.

This treatment not only changed my health, it inspired me to help others.


After my life changing experience, I went on to receive my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in September of 2001 from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. As I was practicing in Austin, TX I met my wife, Katie. Our adventures as a couple led us to Atlanta where we decided to settle and expand my practice into The Wellness Studio, a chiropractic practice that also focuses on the other aspects of health and wellness. Along with chiropractic services, The Wellness Studio offers an amazing Metabolic Weight Loss Program for those looking to dramatically transform their bodies and keep the weight off. The studio also offers UltraSlim technology, the only FDA cleared device for immediate fat loss without drugs or surgery.

By blending these services, The Wellness Studio looks forward to changing the lives of others by helping them find a level of health they never knew could be possible.