How Drinking Water can save you Thousands of Dollars

Let's dive in.

Do you ever just sit around and think about water?

Probably not. But that’s the kind of thing that occupies my brain. This should make you grateful that you’re my patient and not my wife.

As a Los Angeles chiropractor, I constantly see patients who complain of chronic back, neck and/or shoulder pain. I also see my fair share of spasms and tight or sore muscles. And would you like to know what 30 percent of those people have in common?

They’re dehydrated.

Old news?

Okay, I know this is probably new to you – at least the dehydrated part. And I’m not going to lecture you about how bad soda, coffee, and sugary beverages are so horrible for you. And that those night time cramps and restless legs could be because you don’t have enough water in your system to release the vitamins and minerals from the food you’re eating.

What I am going to tell you is that by constantly consuming those beverages, you could be affecting your healthcare costs to the tune of thousands of dollars.

Yes, that water can help with that pain that you’re coming to see me for. It also helps with weight loss, skin health, and kidney function. And giving up all of the sugar and sodium you might be drinking could be what prevents you from getting diabetes.

That not only improves your health, it contributes to your bottom line.

You lose water just by breathing.

If you’re wondering where all of that water goes, here are some details from

What can you do?

Staying hydrated is actually relatively simple. Here are some tips to get you started:

How do you know if it’s working?

If you notice that your urine is clear and slightly yellow, congratulations! You are adequately hydrated.

Just keep in mind that if you are exercising or in extremely hot temperatures you will lose more water in your perspiration. Drinking 2 cups before intense exercise and periodically taking in more while you exercise is important.


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