From BBC News: A new video that the science nerd in me LOVES


What's on my brain....

I’m always looking for new and exciting stuff to share with you. So, when I came across this article and video from BBC, I couldn’t wait to post it!

The advancement in imaging technology is nothing short of amazing. I only wish I’d had access to this while I was learning the anatomy of the brain! At that time, we would study different slices of the brain and it would all look the same at first. Eventually, we would be able to recognize the different pieces that make up the brain and where the cerebro-spinal fluid is created and begins to flow.

But honestly, just looking at the brain itself, it just looks like…well…silly putty.

However, this video is remarkable in that it shows the pathways of the billions of super tiny fibers of white matter in the brain. The addition of the colors that show the direction of the travel and density of the fibers is a testament to the sheer brilliance of the engineers and scientists that developed this model.

As a doctor (and a science nerd), I personally can’t wait to see how far they can take this technology.

We’ve come a long way from silly putty.


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